Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen are seeking MSC students for collaborative thesis projects.

We will identify MSc thesis opportunities within fermentation, recovery and purification process but also the development of new analysis methods and sustainability (reduce waste water and energy optimization).   

MSc students interested should contact their university supervisor or Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director at Helix Lab.

University supervisors interested in developing collaborative MSc thesis project proposals with Chr. Hansen are welcome to contact Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director or Chr. Hansen's contact person on the individual projects.

Chr. Hansen is currently building the largest factory for the production of Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) worldwide in Kalundborg, Denmark. Here the expertise of our scientists and production specialists joins together to produce various HMOs in large quantity while ensuring the highest quality and purity of our ingredients.


What will we be producing in Kalundborg?

In our new production facilities in Kalundborg, we will be producing the so-called HMOs. HMOs are specific prebiotics where ongoing research is showing continuously more health benefits in favor of several application possibilities.

Adding HMOs to infant formula is the most prominent one today, as it is a clear fit: HMOs portray the third most abundant solid component in human breast milk with health benefits. In fact, they are only found in human breast milk with this high complexity and not in other types of milk such as cow’s milk – which is usually the base for infant formula. HMOs can therefore bring infant formula closer to mother’s milk.

HMOs are prebiotics, which are types of dietary fiber that the human body cannot digest, serving as ‘food’ for probiotics. That makes them synergistic with probiotic strains, and together these two ingredients may help to support a well-balanced microbiota and support the development of a normal immune function.


The Chr. Hansen HMO pathway – research with dedication

Today, we have a growing team of dedicated scientists pioneering this innovative field – constantly looking into optimizing production and innovative processes and new application areas, leading a strong scientific program on HMO benefits and improving analytics to support microbiome research.

Our work on the development of highly effective and robust HMO production processes is supported by strong analytical and in silico platforms. On a global scale, we work closely with private and public research institutions, academia and business partners to create and secure innovative ideas and share knowledge for mutual benefit.

Chr. Hansen has been pioneering science for more than a century and we see significant potential in the future by leveraging and expanding our knowledge of both probiotics and HMOs to identify cross-benefits from specific combinations in the human health space.


Sustainable solutions for the global consumer

Social responsibility is an integral part of Chr. Hansen’s vision to improve food and health for current and future generations. For more than 145 years, our business has been firmly rooted in our respect for the environment, while our natural solutions help meet the demand of a growing population for healthy, safe and nutritious products. As a global pioneer, we are committed to addressing global challenges. That is why our sustainability strategy revolves around three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: better farming, less waste and good health.


Project ideas

Ideas are in progress, please contact Thomas Neergaard.