Remilk has an ambition to support students and universities through collaborative MSc thesis projects, and would like to invite for project proposals.

University supervisors interested in developing collaborative MSc thesis project proposals with Remilk are welcome to contact Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director on the individual projects.

Interested MSc students should contact their university supervisor or Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director.

Remilk is on a mission to make dairy products sustainable. We have developed a biotechnological production process in which fermentation is used to produce milk protein in a significantly more sustainable, healthy and kind (in terms of animal welfare) way. The protein can be formulated into dairy products that is indistinguishable from conventionally produced dairy. Bringing our innovative products to the market present a unique opportunity to change the dairy production impact on planet Earth.

In Kalundborg, we are currently designing and building what will become the World´s largest fermentation production facility in terms of fermentation volume. After fermentation, we are using a range of tried-and-tested unit operations to harvest and dry our protein. The facility will be starting operation early 2024 and ramping up to full capacity during throughout 2024.

Project ideas

We do not currently have any specific openings, but we are always open to dialog with interested master students or supervisors.