Thursday Tech Talks, November 17, 2022

Come and join us for an interesting talk about Digitalizing particle processes in bioprocessing industries where we will discuss sensing technology, multiscale modeling & digital twins.
November 17, 15 - 17
Tech Talks

Digitalizing particle processes in bioprocessing industries - sensing technology, multiscale modeling & digital twins

Particles play a key role in many different industrial productions, where particle processes are frequently used for purification, product isolation, etc.

However, particle processes are very complex and the understanding of underlying phenomena is lacking. In these two talks, we will get an introduction to the development within digitalizing of particle processes including the use of sensing technology and multiscale modeling.



Rasmus Fjordbak Nielsen, PhD, Process Systems Engineer, Particle Tech ApS

Nima Nazemzadeh, PhD student, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, DTU Orbit


Date & Time: November 17, 15 - 17

Helix Lab is open from 14:00 for coffee and networking

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