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An inside look in the new building

Curious about the Helix Lab building and the special wooden structure? Get a view in- and outside from yesterdays topping-out ceremony.
Tree, Inside

The topping-out ceremony at our large new education and research center gave an insight look into the building's construction and foundation. Physically, the building will be built on Rynkevangen in Kalundborg, close to the new Station East and will be next door to the Professional College Absalon's Campus, which is also under construction.

What makes the building so unique is the focus on environmental sustainability. The construction is sustainable with a low carbon footprint due to the use of a wood superstructure and wood covered facade, as well as tiles on the ground floor made from bio cement instead of concrete. The building is to become sustainability certified with DGNB GULD standard.

Tree, inside 2
Wood super construction

The construction is going well and Helix Lab is expected to be ready for the first master's students to begin their thesis projects in the beginning of 2022.

For more pictures, read this artical.

Picture of constructions progess, 22nd of May