Welcome to Helix Lab

Helix Lab - The Biomanufacturing Project House (BPH) initiative in Kalundborg is a research and education center, where MSc students from universities in Denmark and abroad will carry out their thesis work in collaboration with local industry. Helix Lab will provide leverage for developing Kalundborg bioindustry into an international cluster for industry 4.0 bioproduction and industrial sustainability.

What is Helix Lab – Biomanufacturing Project House?

The Biomanufacturing Project House (BPH) initiative, Helix Lab, will be a first-rate knowledge center in Kalundborg strengthening collaboration between industry and research. It will support and accelerate the translation of new academic research into specific solutions that will drive industry 4.0 and the green transformation in the industry.
MSc students from Danish and international universities will do master thesis project work on bioproduction, circular production and industry 4.0 in collaboration with the local industry at Helix Lab. The ambition is to create an attractive test and learning community that educates and develops talents locally, and at the same time strengthens the collaboration between the universities and Kalundborg bioindustry regarding research and innovation.
Helix Lab will provide leverage for developing the Kalundborg bioindustry into an international cluster for industry 4.0 bioproduction and industrial sustainability. The bioindustry cluster counts international actors such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Equinor, Chr. Hansen and Ørsted, more than 5,000 industry workplaces and one of the largest bioproduction facilities in the world.

Call for applications

The first call for applications for collaborative MSc thesis projects from industry and university partners will be published in June 2021 with application deadline in early autumn 2021. Helix Lab opens for MSc students in the beginning of 2022.

Networking and matchmaking

Helix Lab staff will bring supervisors from universities and industry together and facilitate the development of collaborative projects. Matchmaking events and other meetings will support the networking between supervisors from the universities and local industry as well as other stakeholders. Helix Lab will build a vibrant and stimulating academic environment for students collaborating with the bioindustry in Kalundborg.    

The Helix Lab building

The building itself will be sustainable with a low carbon footprint due to the use of a wood superstructure and wood covered facade, as well as tiles on the ground floor made from bio cement instead of concrete. The building is to become sustainability certified with DGNB GULD standard.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes will finance the BPH initiative – Helix Lab. The initiative is governed by University College Absalon.
University College Absalon operate the bachelor degree programs of engineering in biotechnology and mechanical engineering as well as Biomedical Laboratory Science in Kalundborg.

Board of Directors