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At Helix Lab Research and Education Center in Kalundborg, Danish and International MSc students carry out their thesis work in collaboration with the Kalundborg industry as Helix Lab Fellows. Helix Lab provides leverage for developing Kalundborg bioindustry into an international cluster for industry 4.0 bioproduction and industrial sustainability.
News and Events
Three Tech Talks Spring 2024

Three Tech Talks coming in Spring

This Spring you can delve into the future of technology and sustainability by joining three Tech Talks with speaker who are experts in their fields. This semesters Tech Talks cover a range of topics from biomass valorization to industrial exoskeletons and the innovative application of ancient technologies in modern architecture. Tech Talks are designed to inspire, educate, and build a scientific community among professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike.
Diploma ceramony

Facilitation Connections & Celebrating Achievements

Building a scientific community is a collaborative effort, and we are immensely grateful to all our partners and stakeholders who made it a priority to join us in Kalundborg yesterday. Their participation at our biannual Matchmaking Event, followed by the Gallery Walk, is invaluable.
Midterm Evaluation

Celebrating Milestones: Helix Lab’s Midterm Evaluation

Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) has recently given response to the Helix Lab Midterm Evaluation, marking a great moment in our journey towards advancing industry 4.0 bioproduction and industrial sustainability in Kalundborg. This evaluation not only underscores the strides we have made but also set new goals for our future actions.


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