The Community at Helix Lab

At Helix Lab, we are building a dynamic and thriving community that bridges the gap between academia and industry in Kalundborg. Our mission is to create a stimulating environment where students, supervisors, and industry professionals can collaborate, innovate, and drive forward the future of biotechnology and sustainable production.


Helix Lab is aiming at being the local hub for academic and professional engagement where ideas get exchanged. 

Our community  activities include:

Tech Talks: Each semester we host a hand full of seminars and tech talks led by experts in various fields of biotechnology, data science and sustainability. These events serve as a platform for sharing cutting-edge research, discussing industry trends, and exploring new developments.

Supervisor Network: Helix Lab has initiated the Helix Lab Supervisor Network - a forum where university and industry supervisors of Helix Lab Fellows meet regularly, both online and in person. The network aims to exchange experiences, establish best practices, address challenges, and spawn new collaborative projects. Members continuously work to enhance the Helix Lab Fellowship program by evaluating collaborations and providing feedback.

Focus Groups: Our Focus Groups allow members to engage deeply with specific topics related to Bioproduction & Research. These groups facilitate detailed discussions and collaborative projects, enriching our community's expertise and driving innovation.

Networking Events: Recognizing the power of networking, we organize events that bring together students, faculty, and industry leaders. These gatherings are designed to foster professional networks and collaborations that can lead to joint research projects and innovative initiatives.

Audience for Helix Lab

Fostering Collaboration

Helix Lab plays a pivotal role in facilitating collaboration between academic institutions and industry in Kalundborg. We facilitate:

Collaborative Projects for students: By bringing together university supervisors and industry experts, we create opportunities for collaborative thesis projects that allow students to work on real-world challenges while gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

Matchmaking Events: Our matchmaking events are specifically designed to connect supervisors from universities with local industry professionals to discuss and create collaborative thesis projects and apply for Helix Lab Fellowship. These events help forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones, ensuring that academic research is aligned with industry needs.

A gathering Place: A diverse range of  meeting and events are hold in Helix Lab with various sectors to ensure that the local community are engaged and benefit from the collective expertise and resources of Helix Lab. We share  office and meeting rooms with  Kalundborg Symbiosis, that regulaly host  delegation visits and meetings about industrial symbiosis and sustainable growth.

Building a Vibrant Community

Helix Lab is building a community that is both academically and socially vibrant. We believe that a strong community not only supports professional growth and stimulate innovative ideas but also contributes to personal development and retainment of talents. Our initiatives aim to create a welcoming  environment and be the place in Kalundborg where people gather with a scientific curiosity and an innovative mindset.