Downstream Processing

Using the metaphor of a river, downstream processing covers a range of different processes “downstream” of an initial or earlier “upstream” process. Typically, it refers to the recovery of a certain product followed by e.g. modification and purification.

In Kalundborg downstream processing is found in many of the companies including the biomanufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the oil industry. Downstream processing also cover the proper treatment and disposal of waste streams.


Typical Downstream processes to the industry in Kalundborg are

  • Separation of liquids and solids by centrifugation
  • Removal of particles by filtration
  • Isolation of specific fractions by preparative chromatography
  • Modification of products by e.g. chemical or enzymatic modification
  • Isolation and purification of compounds by crystallization or precipitation
  • Drying step (e.g. lyophillization (freeze drying), spray drying, fluid bed drying etc.)
  • Separation of oil products and organic solvents by distillation processes
  • Formulation, filling, labelling and packaging of products


Companies working with Downstream Processing

Novo NordiskNovozymesChr. Hansen, Kalundborg Refinery, MelioraBio, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Unibio


Supervisor Network Group

In the Helix Lab Supervisor Network a group of supervisors from industry and universities within this area meet at a regular basis in the Focus Group Downstream Processing. If you are supervising a project in Helix Lab and interested in joining the Focus Group please contact Thomas Neergaard


Helix Lab Fellow Projects within Downstream Processing

"Sustainable Water Effluent Reuse from Solvent Recovery" Axel Wiliam Larsen & HongJian Shi, AAU & Novo Nordisk A/S


"Investigation of sustainable sludge reuse from API fermentation" Milad Javadi, DTU & Novo Nordisk A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Milad Javadi.pdf


"Characterization of the crystallization step in the API recovery process" Katrine Esmann Pedersen, SDU & Novo Nordisk A/S




Continuation of Helix Lab Fellow Projects within Downstream Processing


 "Design of in-line measuring system for the API purification process" Daniel Lopez, AAU & Novo Nordisk A/S


"Process models, simulations and optimizations on HMO recovery and purification" Alvaro Pascual, DTU & Chr. Hansen A/S


"Valorization of microbial protein by proteomics and bioinformatics-assisted targeted hydrolysis" Jacob Lund Jensen & Jesper Skovmark, AAU & Unibio A/S


"Kinetics and parameter control of membrane Cleaning in Place (CIP)" Jelena Pavlovic, KU & NNE A/S


"Investigation of sustainable water effluent re-use from purified water production" Abongnwi Millah Manka´a, AAU & Novo Nordisk


"Optimizing Cleaning in Place Processes for API Production" Christina Papamichail, KU & Novo Nordisk A/S


"Sustainable production of microalgae using side streams from enzyme production" María Monserrat Díaz Hernández, DTU & Novozymes A/S


"Deep dive into selected downstream unit operations for identifying design/improvement opportunities" Ana Dugopoljac, AAU & Chr. Hansen


"Feasibility and viability of regeneration and re-use of CIP chemicals" Yujing Zhao, DTU & NNE A/S


"At-line enzyme concentration measurements" Maria A. Piza Bermudez, DTU & Novozymes A/S


"Exchange of ceramic membrane in filter unit" Mahmoud Samir Beyragdar, DTU & NNE A/S


"At-line/on-line measurement of sugars in HMO fermentation" Katrine Lund Andersen, DTU & Chr. Hansen A/S


"Experimental exploration of an industrial pharmaceutical crystallization proces facility 1" Fernanda Boss-Ramos, SDU & Novo Nordisk A/S


"Experimental exploration of an industrial pharmaceutical crystallization proces Facility 2" Ida Krogh Hjortdal, SDU & Novo Nordisk A/S