Water & Utility

Water and the supply of water are fundamental to almost all industrial processes in Kalundborg. As a consequence, the total amount of water used by the industry is very considerable, and the wastewater treatment systems are equally sized and of great importance to the industry. The demand for black and clean utility systems is very high, with an extensive infrastructure to supply and distribute steam, heating and cooling, power supply, exhaust, gasses, etc.

Kalundborg is world-renowned for its 50-year-old Industrial Symbiosis and is part of developing the Kalundborg industry into a sustainable production. This is key and strictly necessary for the future development of the industry. Resource savings, optimizations and sustainability is also a major topic that then has come to define master thesis projects in collaboration with universities and Helix Lab.

Alonso in the lab


Helix Lab Fellow Projects within Water & Utility

"Sustainable Water Effluent Reuse from Solvent Recovery" Axel Wiliam Larsen & HongJian Shi, AAU & Novo Nordisk A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Hong and Axel.pdf


"A plant-wide analysis of an industrial flocculation process in biomanufacturing" Alonso Malacara Becerra, DTU (& Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico) & Novozymes A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Alonso.pdf


"Kinetics and parameter control of membrane Cleaning in Place (CIP)" Jelena Pavlovic, KU & NNE A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Jelena.pdf


"Investigation of sustainable water effluent re-use from purified water production" Abongnwi Millah Manka´a, AAU & Novo Nordisk

Gallery Walk Poster - Millah.pdf


"Optimizing Cleaning in Place Processes for API Production" Christina Papamichail, KU & Novo Nordisk A/S

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"Sustainable production of microalgae using side streams from enzyme production" María Monserrat Díaz Hernández, DTU & Novozymes A/S


"Feasibility and viability of regeneration and re-use of CIP chemicals" Yujing Zhao, DTU & NNE A/S


"Data driven control strategy for dewatering of inactivated biosolids in centrifugal decanters" Alex Pokhrel, DTU & Novozymes A/S


"Adapting Kalundborgs rainwater management to sustainable way" Jesper Moeskjær Fanefjord Laursen, RUC & Kalundborg Utility