Data & Digitalization

Digitalization of processes is going fast and in almost all industries in Kalundborg the use of Plant Information (PI) systems, PLC- and SCADA systems is of utmost importance to production. There is a strong movement towards the use of real-time inline/at-line sensor technology, digital twins models and AI in manufacturing, and to be able to use big data to interpret and evaluate the production as it takes place. Also within training and education, new technology like VR/AR/XR is investigated or even used in some facilities.


The use of Plant Information (PI) systems, PLC- and SCADA systems is of utmost importance to most production sites in Kalundborg and have been so for years.

Presently, the ongoing industrial transformation known as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (Industry 4.0) is taking place among numerous companies leading to new initiatives that focus on the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, large scale data analysis and increasingly sophisticated automation and robotic solutions.

In many production environments in Kalundborg, there is a strong movement towards the use of more real-time inline/at-line sensor technology, and use of digital twin models for tests and optimizations.

In order to optimize the use of big data to interpret and evaluate the production in real-time the use of artificial intelligence has become increasingly prevalent. This growing trend has led to increased research and developments within the field, as well as numerous practical implementations. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, companies can effectively analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Within training and education, new technologies like VR/AR/XR are now being investigated or even used in some facilities to train operators in a virtual environment before entering the production. The same technologies are being utilized to virtually walk through facilities that are still under construction or still only exits on paper e.g. in order to assess the future working environment for operators and craftsmen.

Within the area of predictive maintenance, the use of data from sensors monitoring vibrations or capturing motion/images is being used to notify the operators of possible issues before they lead to a breakdown or malfunction of the equipment thus increasing safety and reducing the price of repairs.

Just-in-time delivery of spare parts from inventories to factories is in many Kalundborg industries managed by fully automated systems according to SAP-data. These automated systems include the use of mobile robots.




 Helix Lab Fellow Projects within Data & Digitalization

"Design of in-line measuring system for the API purification process" Daniel Lopez, AAU & Novo Nordisk A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Daniel.pdf


"Process models, simulations and optimizations on HMO recovery and purification" Alvaro Pascual, DTU & Chr. Hansen A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Alvaro .pdf


"Open SCADA and DCS Edge/Cloud" Karl- Kristian Kaether, DTU & Novozymes A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Karl.pdf


"Valorization of microbial protein by proteomics and bioinformatics-assisted targeted hydrolysis" Jacob Lund Jensen & Jesper Skovmark, AAU & Unibio A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Jesper and Jacob.pdf


"Real-time IoT Fermentation Sensors" Emil Madsen, DTU & Novozymes A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Emil Madsen.pdf


"A plant-wide analysis of an industrial flocculation process in biomanufacturing" Alonso Malacara Becerra, DTU (& Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico) & Novozymes A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Alonso.pdf


"Use of oCelloScope and other sensors to develop new parameters for advanced process control" Mikkel Røhling Bisp, DTU & Novozymes A/S

Gallery Walk Poster - Mikkel.pdf


"Monitoring strategy for HMO fermentation processes" Ahmad B. Adlouni, KU & Chr. Hansen

Gallery Walk Poster - Ahmad.pdf


"Leak detection in pharmaceutical production with use of computer vision" Juan Manuel Ferrerio, DTU & Novo Nordisk A/S


"Data driven control strategy for dewatering of inactivated biosolids in centrifugal decanters" Alex Pokhrel, DTU & Novozymes A/S


"Valorization of microbial protein fermentation through proteomics, bioinformatics, and integrated, data-driven membrane process design for isolation of bioactive proteins/enzymes" Søren Storck Hansen, AAU & Unibio


"AI & Modelling bioprocess in a multi-product plant" Gzegorz Zaba, DTU & Novozymes A/S


"Application of Motion Amplification in Predictive Maintenance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing" Henan Zhao, DTU & Novo Nordisk A/S