Kalundborg Refinery

Kalundborg Refinery are seeking MSc students and university supervisors for collaborative thesis projects.

University supervisors interested in developing collaborative MSc thesis project proposals with Kalundborg Refinery are welcome to contact Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director or the Kalundborg Refinery contact person on the individual projects.

Interested MSc students should contact their university supervisor or Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director.

Kalundborg Refinery is a Danish energy company owned by the Klesch Group, with more than 350 engaged employees. The oldest parts of the refinery started operations in 1961, and the plant has gradually been developed since. In 1995 a condensate destillation plant was added enabling the refinery to receive large volumes of condensates (light crude oil), which has improved our ability to produce high value products. We are the largest oil refinery in Denmark processing approximately 5.5 million tonnes of crude oil, condensate and feedstock per year, and has a tank capacity of 1.2 million m3. The refinery produces naphtha, petrol, diesel, fuel oil and heavy fuel. Our primary markets are Denmark and Scandinavia.

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