Helix Lab gives MSc students the possibility to do master thesis work in collaboration with the Kalundborg industry. Students who are awarded a Helix Lab fellowship get free housing at Kalundborg Kollegium, while they do their thesis work in Kalundborg.

Application for a Helix Lab fellowship requires establishment of a project collaboration between a industry specialist, a university supervisor and a MSc student.

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Helix Lab Fellows will

  • Do their MSc thesis project in collaboration with industry in Kalundborg
  • Help industry and academia collaborate on industry 4.0 technologies and sustainable bioproduction
  • Meet different biotech and process industries, and learn about sustainability and industrial symbiosis
  • Receive free housing at the local collegium during project work
  • Acquire valuable knowledge and experience, making them attractive for employment after graduation
  • Join the Helix Lab community of students, educators, scientists and engineers


The Helix Lab staff will bring supervisors from universities and industry together and facilitate ongoing dialogue to support the development of collaborative MSc projects.

After submission of MSc thesis project proposal to Helix Lab, the proposals are evaluated and selected, and MSc Fellowships are granted by the Helix Lab Board of Directors.

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