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The MSc thesis projects at Helix Lab are developed by specialists from Kalundborg industry in collaboration with university supervisors. The MSc thesis projects are conducted by Danish and International MSc students enrolled at Danish universities.
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University supervisors

Twice a year university supervisors and industry specialists meet at matchmaking events and discuss projects and project ideas. This is where most collaborations are initiated. It is also possible for university supervisors to contact certain industry specialists directly in between match-making events.

If you are interested in discussing a collaborative MSc thesis project and potentially applying together for a Helix Lab Fellowship for a MSc student, please read more on the individual company pages below. You are also welcome to contact Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director, if you have questions.


MSc students

If you have questions or if you are interested in making your master thesis project in collaboration with one of the companies in Kalundborg, please contact Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director. You can also contact your university supervisor and discuss the possibilities. Please do not contact the companies directly.

Read more about being a Helix Lab Fellow here.

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