Kalundborg Utility

Kalundborg Utility are seeking MSc students and university supervisors for collaborative thesis projects.

University supervisors interested in developing collaborative MSc thesis project proposals with Kalundborg Utility are welcome to contact Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director, or the Kalundborg Utility contact person on the individual projects.

Interested MSc students should contact their university supervisor or Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director.

Kalundborg Utility is a public multi-utility serving the Municipality of Kalundborg with: water, surface water (in different qualities), district heating, waste water transmission systems/waste-water treatment and very soon also district cooling. We are closely linked to the Industrial Symbiosis and work intensively together with the industries and the Kalundborg Municipality to achieve environmental sustainability. We run one of Northern Europe’s most advanced waste-water treatment plants, with the possibility of not only treating the waste-water with traditional mechanical- and biological methods, but also with full-scale ozonation and a MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor) followed by extraction of the heat in the outlet water by a 10 MW heat pump. We are as one of the only utilities in Northern Europe treating our outlet waste-water with ozone to minimize the content of micro pollution and especially API (active pharmaceutical Ingredients).

Project ideas