Supervisor Network



Helix Lab have initiated a network for university and industry supervisors - Helix Lab Supervisor Network - a common forum where supervisors of Helix Lab Fellows can meet on a regular basis both physically and online.

The purpose of the network is to:

  • Exchange experiences, establish common good practices, discuss challenges and create new collaborative initiatives.
  • Continuously improve the Helix Lab Fellowship setup via evaluation of collaborations and projects each semester and giving feedback to Helix Lab and collaborative partners.
  • Discuss and maybe even establish cross-organizational MSc thesis projects within the Kalundborg biotech industry and/or between universities.


You can read more in Supervisor Guidelines.


If you are interested in joining the Supervisor Network, please contact Thomas Neergaard







Focus Groups and Common Meetings

Focus Groups are smaller groups of supervisors with special interests in a certain topic, and all members of the Supervisor network participate in one or more Focus Groups.

The purpose of Focus Groups is to create smaller groups in which processes/technologies of specific interest can be discussed in more detail. One member in each group takes the role of the group leader who is in charge of arranging meetings. Each Focus Group decides the number of annual online/hybrid meetings in the group and there is at least one online/hybrid meeting between each Common Network Meeting at Helix Lab for the full Supervisor Network, i.e. at least two meetings per year. There are two Common Network Meetings arranged at Helix Lab each year where the Focus Groups will have their (physical) meetings in the morning and then participate in a common plenum session for all network members in the afternoon. In connection with the common meetings at Helix Lab, site visits to the Kalundborg Industry will be arranged for those interested. Common Meetings include lunch for all participants. All participant of the Helix Lab Supervisor Network is invited for a dinner once a year.

The supervisor network is divided into six Focus Groups:

  • Fermentation
  • Downstream Processing
  • Water and Utility
  • Chemical Processes
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Data & Digitalization

Focus Groups discuss and share experiences and interests for projects/ideas within their topic and more general issues related to supervision and industry/university collaboration. The topic “sustainability” should be included in each group´s ongoing discussions. Focus Groups contribute ideas for relevant speakers to Helix Lab Tech Talks in collaboration with the Helix Lab Scientific Director. The Scientific Director of Helix Lab participates as an observer in all Focus Groups. After each meeting, the Group leader ensures that a brief one-pager describing which topics/questions have been discussed is sent to the Scientific Director who subsequently uploaded it to the focus group´s web page at Helix Lab's website.