Karl-Kristian Kaether

Helix Lab Fellow, Class of Spring 2022
Karl-Kristian Kaether

MSc study:

MSc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology



Technical University of Denmark (DTU)



Novozymes A/S


Project title:

Project: Open Source SCADA and DCS Edge/Cloud

Project description:

The project aims to investigate the possibility to shift from commercial SCADA and DC systems in the biotech industry to Open Source solutions. Open Source software can enable companies to develop their own tailor-made solutions. Hence the student will conduct a literature study examining the possible programming frameworks and choose the most promising one based on criteria like code maintenance and potential applicability in the industry. Next, the student will use the chosen framework to develop software to control fermentation. It will be deployed via an edge device controlling a fermentation tank.


What was your motivation for becoming a Helix Lab Fellow?

I like the possibility to combine the investigative work of a thesis with the development of technology which could potentially be useful for industrial applications. Moreover, it is exciting to work on the realisation of industry 4.0 in the biotech sector. Helix Lab promises to provide a good work environment for that.


What is the most exciting part of being a Helix Lab Fellow?

The possibility to develop engineering solutions with modern equipment and in collaboration with industry.


What perspectives do you see for your future after being a Helix Lab Fellow?

Further developing engineering and scientific skills with an industry 4.0 application will open up many possibilities. Helix Lab allows us to engage in an industry-driven project and can therefore provide an insight into the respective industry.