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Salt tolerant

Event: Tech Talks May 17

Come and join us for an interesting talk about Circular Biorefining for High-value Chemicals from Salt-tolerant Plants

Event: Tech Talks April 12

Come and join us for an interesting talk about Scale-up of Biosustainable Production Processes and Understanding “Fermenterphiles” for Successful Scale-up on April 12 2023
Robotic Pub

Event: Tech Talks March 7

Come and join us for an interesting talk about Robotics and Advanced automation technologies in Product Supply on March 7 2023
Alonso in video

Video: Want to solve the challenges of tomorrow?

Get an insight into some of the qualities of the Biotekbyen - the Biotech City Kalundborg, and what makes it a great place for studying and working.
Tech Talks Spring 2023

Three new Tech Talks this semester

We are happy to announce we have three new Tech Talks taken place at Helix Lab. This round Tech Talks include topics from Robotics in Supply Production to Fermenterphiles.
Gallery Walk

Matchmaking Event & Gallery Walk, January 2023

Collaboration between industry and university for new projects & Celebration of Helix Lab Fellows, Class of Fall 2022

An eventful year

We take a look back at 2022 which was filled with a lot of events and experiences.
Tech Talks

Event: Thursday Tech Talks

Come and join us for our next Thursday Tech Talk!

Particles play a key role in industrial production for purification, product isolation, etc. Monitoring and controlling crystallization, fermentation and flocculation is key to successful production.

Helix Lab visits North Carolina, US

Get an insight into the visit to North Carolina from Helix Lab Director, Anette Birck, and Scientific Director, Thomas Neergaard.
Fellows Fall 2022

Helix Lab Fellows, Fall 2022

Meet the new Fellows and learn about their projects

The Helix Lab building has been awarded for its architecture

Yesterday Kalundborg Municipality has awarded several beautiful properties in the municipality. One of them is the Helix Lab building.

Helix Lab in TV2Øst

Last week TV2 ØST paid Helix Lab a visit and talked to three Fellows about life as a Helix Lab Fellow.
Network Dinner

Helix Lab Supervisor Network kicked-off

Creating networks with University researchers and industry specialists who are supervisors of Helix Lab Fellows
Thursday Tech Talk, September

First Thursday Tech Talk sparked lively debate

In the pursuit of building and strengthening a scientific community in the Biotech City, we have a new concept: Thursday Tech Talk.

Video: Welcome to Helix Lab

Get a look at our new video about Helix Lab.

Thursday Tech Talks

As a new Helix Lab community activity, we are launching Thursday Tech Talks this Fall.

In lab

Call for Applications for Helix Lab Fellowships Spring 2023

The next deadline for applications for Helix Lab Fellowships is September 30, 2022.
Information about application criteria as well as the application template regarding thesis projects taking place in Spring 2023 can be found down below.
Fellows with diplomas

Press Release: Fellows presented their final projects at Gallery Walk

Thursday June 9 we celebrated that the first group of Helix Lab Fellows have finalized their collaborative MSc thesis projects and the Helix Lab program Spring 2022.
Jesper & Jacob

New video: An inside into how it is to be a Helix Lab Fellow

Meet Jacob and Jesper, two Helix Lab Fellows, Spring 2022. They are from Aalborg University and are doing their master's thesis in collaboration with the local company Unibio. Hear about their experience and get a sense of how it is to b a Helix Lab Fellow.
Martin Damm

Helix Lab Fellows on tour of Kalundborg

Helix Lab Fellows had a great day exploring Kalundborg together with Mayor Martin Damm as their guide.

Press Release: Inauguration of innovative education and research centre in Kalundborg

Kalundborg's new Helix Lab education and research centre officially opened on Friday 25 February. The initiative strengthens the collaboration between research and industry in Scandinavia's largest bio-industrial cluster, internationally recognized for industrial sustainability and circular production and home to more than 5,000 industrial workplaces across a number of Denmark's largest companies.
Fellows in lab

New Call for Applications for Helix Lab Fellowships

The next deadline for applications for Helix Lab Fellowships is March 18, 2022.
Information about application criteria as well as the application template regarding thesis projects taking place in fall 2022 can be found down below.
Matchmaking event

Press Release: Successful matchmaking event at Helix Lab in Kalundborg

Researchers from the Danish universities and specialists and leaders from the industry in Kalundborg met this week for a Matchmaking Event at Helix Lab. The main purpose was to network and strengthen synergy, and to identify collaborative project idea for coming Helix Lab Fellows, says Anette Birck, Director of Helix Lab.

Helix Lab - Moving into the laboratories, December 2021

Get a sneak-peek into the laboratories at Helix Lab in this new video.

Press Release: Key Handover to the New Building

University College Absalon is handed the keys to the education and research center, Helix Lab, in Kalundborg
1sts 6ths :9

Press Release: First Helix Lab Fellowships awarded

The Helix Lab Board has awarded the first round of Helix Lab Fellowships starting from January 2022. A total of 12 MSc students from three Danish universities will work on master thesis projects together with four national companies from the Kalundborg industry.

Helix Lab Webinar - Application process Q&A

8 September, 9.00 – 9.45 am, Teams

Join this webinar for updates about the Helix Lab initiative, the building, and its facilities, and go through the application process for Helix Lab MSc fellowships incl. Q&A. We hope to see potential supervisors, as well as students, join the webinar.
Robotic analysis

Open project ideas

Explore the present project ideas from industry seeking collaboration with university supervisors and students for MSc thesis projects.
Architect's vision

The construction of our building

The architects vision is starting to match the reality.
billede 14

Get an idea of Helix Lab's surroundings

See how the construction of the Helix Lab building is progressing and our surroundings.
Anette Træ - Helix Lab 19.juni 16.jpg

An inside look in the new building

Curious about the Helix Lab building and the special wooden structure? Get a view in- and outside from yesterdays topping-out ceremony.

Successful kick-off event with universities and industry

In April academia met the Kalundborg-industry online at our kick-off and very first networking event to start up and seek out collaboration potentials at the Helix Lab.

Helix Lab is here

Helix Lab is now the official name for the Biomanufacturing Project House-initiative in Kalundborg. 
Thomas i farver

Our new Scientific Director

On 1 May 2021, Thomas Neergaard will start as Scientific Director for the Biomanufacturing Project House (BPH) in Kalundborg, where he will help develop a strong education and research center focusing on industry 4.0 bioproduction and industrial sustainability.
Anette, profil (4)

Biomanufacturing Project House has found its Director

January 1, 2021, Anette Birck takes the chair as director of the upcoming new education and research center - Biomanufacturing Project House - in Kalundborg. Anette Birck looks forward to leading the ambitious project from vision to reality.
Architect's vision5

Biomanufacturing Project House has its Board of Directors

The upcoming Biomanufacturing Project House (BPH) in Kalundborg is taking another step forward. A new and strong board is now in place to ensure the continued development of Kalundborg as Scandinavia's center for biotechnology.

A bridge between science and industry

Absalon will run a new biotech project house in Kalundborg financed by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.