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The Helix Lab building has been awarded for its architecture

Yesterday Kalundborg Municipality has awarded several beautiful properties in the municipality. One of them is the Helix Lab building.

The awarding committee described the Helix Lab building as follows: The new education building at Campus Kalundborg appears with a clear geometric shape and simplicity. The windows and the vertical rods of the facades play together in a pattern that underpins the light elegance of the wooden construction. The closely spaced rods in the upper band give visual height to the building, while the larger distance in the vertical lines of the base gives weight and anchoring in the terrain.

Adm. director Peter Olsson, AP Ejendomme, who owns the building, received the plaque which will be fixed onto the building in the near future.

"For us, this is a very special construction. It is the first time we have constructed a building with a wood superstructure and wood covered facades. Wood is sustainable and means about 30% less CO2 emissions. For those who have not been inside and experienced the building, you must drive by and experience the exciting environment," said Peter Olsson to those present.

And the building is quite unique. The 1,550 square meter building is AP Ejendomme's first construction, where both the load-bearing structures and the facades are made of solid wood. At the same time, Helix Lab is the first building in Europe to use floor tiles from the American start-up company, Biomason. They produce tiles without traditional concrete, but instead use bio-cement, created with the help from microorganisms, making the production of the tiles CO2-neutral.


Peter Olsson