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Embracing a new semester with Helix Lab Fellows

It's that exciting time of the year again when fresh faces arrive in Kalundborg, ready to embark on their academic journey as Helix Lab Fellows.
Fellows, Fall 2023

The Fall Fellows come from four different universities and are collaborating with five companies in Kalundborg, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge that promises to enrich both the academic and industrial experience for the Fellows.

At Helix Lab, we understand the importance of creating a supportive environment for our Fellows. It's not just about academic endeavors; it's also about making them feel at home in Kalundborg. We kick off each semester by focusing on the social aspect, and this time around, we started with gatherings centered around food, drinks, and, of course, cake - We are in Denmark, where cake is traditionally a part of as many events as possible, a tradition that is as much a joke as it is true!

To make our Fellows feel at home, we began the semester with a fun-filled pizza dinner and afterwards quiz night at Skøl.

At Skøl
Symbiosis game

After the first events we introduce the Fellows to what it entails to be part of Helix Lab. This includes introduktion to Helix Lab as well as the Kalundborg Symbiosis. Moreover, they get insights from alumna, Katrine Esmann Pedersen, who currently works at Novo Nordisk and has made Kalundborg her home. This valuable perspective offers a glimpse into the life that awaits the Fellows the next 5-10 months.

After the social events and valuable introductions, we organize a session where the Fellows pitch their projects to one another. This not only helps each other's areas of research but also promotes curiosity and collaboration between them.

With a better understanding of Helix Lab and its community, our Fellows set out on site visits to explore the industries that define Kalundborg. This commenced with a visit to Unibio, a company at the forefront of groundbreaking developments.


But it's not all business and academics; Kalundborg has so much more to offer. To showcase the city's charms, we organize a bus tour that take them on a journey through the industrial and natural beauty of the region. From sprawling industrial complexes to breathtaking nature, our Fellows get a taste of what Kalundborg truly has to offer.

The excursion ends with a visit to Dyrehøj Vineyard. The Fellows have the privilege of witnessing the beautiful vineyards slopes towards the sea and the dedicated volunteers harvesting this year's grapes. The day ends with a wine tasting session, featuring six distinct wines showcasing the unique character of each grape and vineyard.


Fellows in the wineyard
Winetasting with Fellows

The Helix Lab Fellows Program is far from over, with many exciting events yet to come. From pumpkin carving to more industry site visits, workshops, Gallery Walk, and a grand finale dinner, there's no shortage of experiences for the current Helix Lab Fellows.


We're thrilled to have yet another group of enthusiastic Fellows this semester. Right from the start, they've fostered a strong sense of community, supporting one another both in their academic pursuits and social interactions. As we continue this semester, we look forward to the discoveries and collaborations that is at core of a Helix Lab Fellowship.


Wineyard down to the watersite
Night at Skøl
At the Light house
Fellows in the Wind
Tasting grapes
Knitting at the Wineyard