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Taking stock: The first three semesters with Helix Lab Fellows

In January 2021, Helix Lab embarked on the journey of establishing a Research & Education Center in Kalundborg. As we reflect on our progress, we are happy to see Helix Lab has achieved significant milestones since then.
Class of Spring 2023

A Flourishing community of Helix Lab Fellows

Since January 2022, 30 Helix Lab Fellows have carried out and finalized their MSc thesis projects in collaboration with Kalundborg industry in the Helix Lab Building. The Fellows came from DTU, AAU, SDU, KU and RUC, and collaborated with Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Chr.Hansen, Unibio, NNE and Kalundborg Utility.

Empowering the future workforce: 16 job positions

One of Helix Lab's primary objectives is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by preparing students for real-world challenges. We are happy that 16 of our talented Fellows have chosen to embark on their professional journeys in the Kalundborg industry after completing their thesis work at Helix Lab. This highlights the contribution Helix Lab has to the workforce in Kalundborg and the creation of a local scientific community.


Class of Fall 2022
Class of Spring 2023

Becoming a part of Kalundborg: 9 permanent residents

Beyond job placements, Helix Lab's impact extends to the community itself. Nine of our Fellows have made Kalundborg their permanent home, further strengthening the city's connection to academia and industry. This is a testament to the welcoming and exciting environment Kalundborg offers.

This progress also aligns with a recent story by Sjællandske Medier, shedding light on the vital role of cross-sector collaboration between the industry and educational institutions in Kalundborg. This synergy not only secures a well-qualified workforce for the city but also provides unparalleled opportunities for students.

It's a win-win and it is working.

As we entered the fourth semester, we welcomed 11 new students who have already demonstrated great potential and a strong sense of social cohesion. We look forward to witnessing the fresh insights and exciting discoveries they will bring to their research projects as well as their role in the growing community in Kalundborg.

Helix Lab's journey during the past 2,5 years has been marked by growth, accomplishments, and meaningful contributions to both the Kalundborg community and the academic world. We look forward to continuing our mission of further enriching the collaborative spirit between education and industry in Kalundborg

Semester start at local micro brewery SKØL