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Continuing the collaborative pathway: Synergy between educational institutions in Kalundborg

In 2016, Kalundborg was without any higher education opportunities to speak of. But what a difference a few years can make.
A look at Novo Nordisk site in Kalundborg

The Kalundborg industry is growing and with that the need for recruiting more talents. What better way to create a pathway for new talents than to establish higher educational programs locally.

In 2017, University College Absalon introduced a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology Program in Kalundborg. This marked the beginning of a rapid development, where today the city has a thriving educational landscape.

Absalon now offers three distinct programs, educating future talents in the fields of biotechnology engineering, bioanalytics, and mechanical engineering. This have shown that Kalundborg is a place where higher learning is possible and thriving.

Helix Lab opened its doors to MSc students doing thesis with Kalundborg industry in 2021. This step was a vital part of the city's evolution, further enhancing Kalundborg as a place of industry- university collaboration and academic innovation.

The educational development didn't stop there. In 2023, the Royal Danish Academy launched an architecture program in Urban Planning, and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) initiated an industry MSc program in Biomanufacturing in Kalundborg. Come August 2024, the University of Copenhagen will introduce a MSc program in Biosolutions. The educational spectrum in Kalundborg continues to broaden, creating an attractive environment for those seeking higher education.

Helix Lab with the industry in the backgound
Kalundborg Industry

At Helix Lab collaboration and interconnectedness is at heart. Helix Lab enjoys to help establish relationships and synergy among the educational institutions now residing in Kalundborg. Creating a framework where these diverse programs can benefits everyone involved, both academically and socially. Students, after all, seek to study in a city with a vibrant and welcoming academic environment.


Kalundborg has a 50-year-old tradition of collaboration through the Kalundborg Symbiosis – the industrial symbiosis that defines Kalundborg. The local companies are therefore accustomed to working together and across sectors for the benefit of everyone. This tradition of collaboration – the Kalundborg Model - now also includes the city's new institutions of higher education. So far, this collaboration has led to a great study start event in September 2023, with 400 students from different education programs in Kalundborg with various fields and backgrounds coming together to celebrate the beginning of their educational journey.

At Helix Lab, we eagerly anticipate the fruits of future collaborations amongst the educational institutions, aiming to transform Kalundborg into an exceptional destination for students and scholars alike. The city is on its way to become a thriving and inclusive educational city, fostering innovation, networking and academic excellence.

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