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Get an idea of Helix Lab's surroundings

See how the construction of the Helix Lab building is progressing and our surroundings.
Our place in the world
Helix Lab's home can be seen on the right. The constuction on the left is Campus Kalundborg.

Campus Kalundborg and Helix Lab have a great view at the biotech industry just on the other side of the street.

Helix Lab in close proximity to Kalundborg city
Helix Lab is in close proximity to the habour and Kalundborg city.

The pictures shows how close our new home is going be to the Biotech Industry, Absalon Campus and Kalundborg City, Harbour and more.

Wood super construction

Lastly, our sustainable wood super construction from the inside. The building feel like half wood half glass. So we are going to be able to see right over both at Campus and the Biotech Industry.