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Three Tech Talks coming in Spring

This Spring you can delve into the future of technology and sustainability by joining three Tech Talks with speaker who are experts in their fields. This semesters Tech Talks cover a range of topics from biomass valorization to industrial exoskeletons and the innovative application of ancient technologies in modern architecture. Tech Talks are designed to inspire, educate, and build a scientific community among professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike.
Three Tech Talk this Spring 2024

Biomass Valorization: Unveiling the Potential of Residual Biomass 

Tuesday March 12 

Explore the transformative power of biomass conversion with Solange Mussatto from Professor at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Louise Bendixen, Process Specialist at Meliora Bio. Learn how agricultural residues and waste are converted into valuable compounds, bridging the gap between theoretical research and practical industry applications for a sustainable future.

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Enhancing Workplace Safety with Industrial Exoskeletons 

Tuesday April 23

Discover the latest advancements in industrial exoskeletons aimed at reducing workplace injuries and enhancing ergonomic safety. Join Michael Andersen and Shaoping Bai, both Professors at Aalborg University for an insightful discussion on the development and application of these technologies.

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Revitalizing Architecture with Ancient Technologies: Fermentation and Weaving 

Wednesday May 29 

Phil Ayres, Professor, Chair of Biohybrid Architecture at Royal Danish Academi, presents a thought-provoking session on the relevance of fermentation and weaving in contemporary architectural design. This Tech Talk will showcase how these enduring technologies contribute to innovative architectural forms that respect our planet's boundaries and foster community empowerment.

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Each session promises a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, offering attendees the opportunity to engage with the research and  technologies that are shaping our world. 

Mark your calendars for these three Tech Talks this Spring and come and support the creation of a scientific community in Kalundborg.

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