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Facilitation Connections & Celebrating Achievements

Building a scientific community is a collaborative effort, and we are immensely grateful to all our partners and stakeholders who made it a priority to join us in Kalundborg yesterday. Their participation at our biannual Matchmaking Event, followed by the Gallery Walk, is invaluable.
This day was a testament to our success in creating collaboration between academia and industry. The event was characterized by vibrant networking, insightful discussions, and a celebration of the Helix Lab Fellows, Class of Fall 2023, highlighting the synergy between industrial innovation and academic research.

Matchmaking Event: Bridging Industry and Academia

Our Matchmaking Event brought together industry specialists and university supervisors from 10 Kalundborg companies and all Danish universities. This gathering served as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, where participants explored potential collaborative MSc thesis projects for Helix Lab Fellowships. Industry specialists presented innovative project ideas, initiating contacts with university supervisors. These connections are key in forming partnerships that lead to impactful research projects.

The Process Towards Collaboration

Following the Matchmaking Event, there is a critical 7-9 week period for developing these project ideas between industry and university supervisors. This phase is crucial for finalizing agreements, finding motivated MSc students, and ensuring that all parties involved are aligned on the project goals before applying for Helix Lab Fellowships.

Gallery Walk: A Celebration of Knowledge and Accomplishment

In the afternoon we held Gallery Walk for the Helix Lab Fellows, Class of Fall 2023. This event is both a celebration and an opportunity to showcase the hard work and achievements of the Helix Lab Fellows. We got to hear about the experiences of being part of Helix Lab from three different perspectives. First, we had the pleasure of Tanmay Chaturvedi, University supervisor from AAU, who shared his insights. He spoke about the unique opportunities that arise from collaborating with companies and expressed his passion for helping Fellows reach their full potential.
Theis Sommer
Following this, Theis Sommer from Unibio, an Industry Supervisor, shared his views. He highlighted that a Helix Lab Fellowship is designed for the bold, brave, and adventurous MCs students. He also reflected on the fruitful collaborations established through the five Fellowship projects Unibio has participated in so far, emphasizing how scientific curiosity and innovation have led to new discoveries. 
One of the highlights of the event was hearing directly from two of the Helix Lab Fellows. Martin Nagy from DTU shared how transformative his time at Helix Lab has been, focusing on the strong social bonds and the extensive support provided by both his fellow Fellows and the Helix Lab team. Niels Alexander Møller, also from DTU, narrated his journey from being unfamiliar with Helix Lab to building a robust network in Kalundborg and receiving job offers and enjoying it at the same time. Both Martin and Niels are planing on relocating to Kalundborg after their graduation, a testament to the lasting impact of their experiences as Helix Lab Fellows.
Diploma ceramony
After the presentations all Fellows recieved their Helix Lab Diplomas. And then it was time for the presention of their posters detailing their research journey, challenges faced, and the impact achieved.

Bright Future

The Gallery Walk not only celebrate the culmination of months of research and collaboration but also the beginning of new opportunities for Helix Lab Fellows, many of whom have already embarked on careers in Kalundborg's industry.
Isabell presenting her poster
Helix Lab Fellow, Class of Fall 2023
The Helix Lab team extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of these events. This enthusiasm and spirit of collaboration is a reflection of the vibrant academic environment that everyone is dedicated to creating.
Happy Fellows
Diploma Ceramony for the Helix Lab Fellows, Fall 2023