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Helix Lab is here

Helix Lab is now the official name for the Biomanufacturing Project House-initiative in Kalundborg. 
Helix Lab - Photo credit: William Tolstrup Arkitekter

As of 15th of April 2021 the Biomanufacturing Project House-initiative in Kalundborg is officially named Helix Lab. We are looking forward to creating a research and education center, where MSc students from universities in Denmark and abroad will carry out their thesis work in collaboration with the local and world leading industry in Kalundborg, the Biotech City.

Michael Hallgren, Senior Vice President of Novo Nordisk in Kalundborg about the initiative:

“Kalundborg has the potential to become a world leading hub for biotech education, research and innovation, and the Helix Lab is an important element in educating and developing talents locally. Furthermore, the initiative creates great facilities for research collaboration with focus on developing innovative and sustainable production technologies. In this way, the Helix Lab has the potential to lever technological development and growth – for not only Novo Nordisk and the industry surrounding us in Kalundborg, but also for production in Denmark in general.”