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Press Release: Key Handover to the New Building

University College Absalon is handed the keys to the education and research center, Helix Lab, in Kalundborg

University College Absalon is handed the keys to the education and research center, Helix Lab, in Kalundborg


Today, the keys to Kalundborg's new education and research center, Helix Lab, will be handed over from AP Ejendomme to Professionshøjskolen Absalon.

The construction of the building has been underway for the past year, and Helix Lab will open its doors to the first graduate students in early 2022. The key handover will be marked by a short celebration Monday afternoon.


CEO of AP Ejendomme, , Peter Olsson, says, “At AP Ejendomme we are embarking on a longer journey together with educations, institutions, companies, citizens and companies in Kalundborg. The Helix Lab building, which we donate today and hand over to University College Absalon, is a shining example of how sustainable collaboration can become a sustainable building that will house projects that become part of a sustainable future”.

It is a gift for the educations in Kalundborg that Helix Lab is built shoulder to shoulder next to Absalon's new Campus in Kalundborg. It reinforces the environment and the way of thinking that we have all had great interest in creating in Kalundborg. With Helix Lab, the whole circle is completed by providing the full range of opportunities to the students in Kalundborg in the future”, says the principal of University College Absalon, Camilla Wang.

At Helix Lab they look forward to the new astonishing building. Preparations to receive the first graduate students in January 2022 are already in full swing. Director Anette Birck, Helix Lab, says:

After following the construction closely throughout the year, we are very much looking forward to using the unique building and arranging the laboratories, so we are ready to welcome the 12 upcoming Helix Lab Fellows - graduate students who carry out thesis projects in collaboration with the Kalundborg industry - welcome in January 2022 ”.


Helix Lab has become possible because of donations of DKK 120 million. from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. Helix Lab will create a framework and content for a research and education program in Kalundborg, which will attract thesis students at master's level from Denmark and abroad. The ambition is to strengthen Kalundborg's position in the bioindustrial area within industry 4.0 and sustainability to strengthen the entire Danish production.


With the support for Helix Lab, we want to contribute to creating an attractive and innovative research environment in Kalundborg and thereby strengthen the enviromental transition in Danish production. We are pleased to see that Helix Lab has got off to a good start in relation to both students, laboratories, collaborations with the Danish universities and in the local environment at Kalundborg. We are very much looking forward to following the initiative further after today's key handover,” says Claus Felby, Head of Biotech Research, Novo Nordisk Foundation.


The industry in Kalundborg is also looking forward to further boosting the collaboration between the biotech industry in the municipality and researchers and students from all over the world:

Helix Lab is designed to create an optimal framework for research collaboration between the local industry and innovative researchers and students from universities around the world. With a focus on biomanufacturing, industry 4.0 and sustainability, the focus of the initiative is the development of innovative sustainable production technologies. The house's architecture and functions support just this and have been developed in close collaboration between representatives from AP Ejendomme, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Absalon, the industry in Kalundborg, the country's universities and several students. Today's key handover is an important milestone for our common vision of creating a vibrant and innovative knowledge environment,”says Michael Hallgren, Production Director, Novo Nordisk Kalundborg.


In Kalundborg Municipality, there has been close cooperation between industry, education, and the municipality for many years with the purpose to creating more sustainable education, jobs, and research facilities in the area.

Kalundborg Municipality's development strategy states, among other things, that Kalundborg Municipality must be a good place to study. The establishment of Helix Lab will be an important piece in that part of the strategy - and a beautiful one of a kind. Over the past year, we have been able to follow the construction from bare ground, over the construction of the impressive wooden construction to the finished result we are celebrating today. Helix Lab is a great expression of what the partnership in Kalundborg can achieve when we set ambitious goals together,” says Mayor Martin Damm, Kalundborg Municipality.


For further information:


Peter Olsson, CEO of AP Ejendomme: 2098 5018

Klaus Kristensen, Absalon Press: 7248 2727

Anette Birck, Director, Helix Lab: 7248 2554

Stine Gry Roland, Director, Communications & Public Affairs, Novo Nordisk Kalundborg: 3075 0567

Christian Mostrup, Novo Nordisk Foundation: 3067 4805

Mayer Martin Damm, Kalundborg Municipality: 2960 9047


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