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Matchmaking Event & Gallery Walk, January 2023

Collaboration between industry and university for new projects & Celebration of Helix Lab Fellows, Class of Fall 2022
Ana presenting

Wednesday there were the half-yearly Matchmaking Event and the celebration of the current Fellows at the Gallery Walk as they completed their Helix Lab Fellowships.

It was great seeing the industry specialist and supervisors from 10 companies and 6 universities come together and brainstorm ideas for future Helix Lab projects.

Afterward, we celebrated The Helix Lab Fellows, Class of Fall 2022 with diplomas and a great Gallery Walk where they shared their project process and findings. We are happy to follow them in the future which for some of them is in the Biotech city Kalundborg.





Helix Lab Fellows, Fall 2022



Gallery Walk, Posters



Poster presentation
Poster presentation