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Press Release: Inauguration of innovative education and research centre in Kalundborg

Kalundborg's new Helix Lab education and research centre officially opened on Friday 25 February. The initiative strengthens the collaboration between research and industry in Scandinavia's largest bio-industrial cluster, internationally recognized for industrial sustainability and circular production and home to more than 5,000 industrial workplaces across a number of Denmark's largest companies.

The potential is put into perspective in a panel debate

On Friday February 25 the inauguration was marked with an event attended by representatives from industry, universities, municipality, and region. The first Helix Lab Fellows and their supervisors was also present. Guests had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion with management representatives from DTU, Absalon, Novo Nordisk, and Kalundborg Municipality, who gave their perspective on Helix Lab and the potential of the initiative.

Long-term relationships
"Helix Lab will bridge the gap between industry and universities and support the development of concrete and relevant research projects for the students. The professional approach will reflect bioproduction, industry 4.0 and the industrial sustainability that characterises Kalundborg. Our role is to build close relationships between industry and universities and to support their joint development of project ideas. The goal is to create a lasting commitment between industry and universities, and develop collaboration across disciplines" says Anette Birck, Head of Helix Lab.

The Kalundborg model
For many years in Kalundborg there has been a close collaboration between industry, education, and the municipality to create more sustainable education, jobs, and research facilities in the area.
"Kalundborg Municipality's development strategy states, among other things, that Kalundborg Municipality must be a good place to educate yourself. The establishment of Helix Lab is an important part of that part of the strategy – and a beautiful one. Over the past year we have been able to follow the construction from the naked field, to the construction of the impressive wooden structure, to the arrival of the first Fellows and now finally the official opening. Helix Lab is a great expression of what the partnership in Kalundborg can achieve when we set ambitious goals together," says Mayor Martin Damm, Kalundborg Municipality.


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