Alex Pokhrel

Helix Lab Fellow, Class of Spring 2023

What was your motivation for becoming a Helix Lab Fellow?

As a chemical engineering student, it has been a dream of mine to work with industries and understand the day-to-day life on how industry works. Being a student gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge regarding the complexity aspect of being an engineer but I never got to experience it in real life. Getting into Helix lab provided me with an opportunity to work my master thesis project with one of the biggest industries in Denmark.

What is the most exciting part of being a Helix Lab Fellow?

Most exciting part is the opportunity to meet with many fellow students and getting to know the important projects they are working on. The representatives at Helix Lab are helpful, well known, and full of knowledge and experiences. This helps in smooth transition of project. There’s plenty of resources available in the laboratories to conduct various kinds of experiments.

P.S. the cake and coffee are always great.

What perspectives do you see for your future after being a Helix Lab Fellow?

Future wise, I see myself more mature, confident, and understanding. I see a potential in applying the knowledge that I have learned during my time as a fellow in the near future. Similarly, my time as a fellow will lead me one step closer to achieving the dream.