Analytical Lab

In this laboratory, the students can analyze samples from our process lab or the industry.

Our analytical laboratory supports the “production” in the process laboratory, or is used to analyze samples brought in from the industry. Here we can characterize solutions or substances in many different ways. The laboratory is newly established and will evolve by time.

We can homogenize cells, analyze proteins and peptides on SDS-PAGE, separate small molecules on our advanced bio-UPLC or measure samples with our scanning spectrophotometer. For multiple sample analysis, the students can use our Tecan Spark Multimode Microplate Reader for a range of fluorescence analysis or even use it as a temperature controlled incubator.

Test tubes

We can count, measure, and analyze all sorts of particles with our advanced algorithm-based particle-analyzer from ParticleTech (O´Celloscope), or analyze water and various solutions with our Hach Lange LCK Cuvette tests (e.g. COD, BOD, TOC, NH4, NO3, PO4 etc.).

If needed, we can heat-dry samples to determine the accurate dry weight, and we can use our vacuum drier to remove the water-phase and keep the solid matter in a sample.

We also have a quality Zeiss microscope with high-resolution camera for those who want to investigate samples visually in great detail.

The analytical laboratory is supplied with compressed air, purified water and ventilation and approved as a GMO class 1 laboratory.

Equipment may be controlled and/or monitored from anywhere with the advanced cloud-based connector solution from Inniti.

You can find the complete list of equipment in our analytical laboratory here