Fernanda Boss-Ramos

Helix Lab Fellow, Class of Spring 2023

What was your motivation for becoming a Helix Lab Fellow?

My biggest motivation was the opportunity to work in collaboration with a big company, which will help me develop, among other things, my research skills. Also, the possibility to work with specialists of different areas in the factory will provide me with a better understanding of the daily life in the industry. After years focusing on my academic skills, it is exciting with a real-world project outside the walls of university.

What is the most exciting part of being a Helix Lab Fellow?

The Helix Lab facility are close to the industry, which make everything much easier. It is just a few hundred meters from my industry supervisor and the department I work with for my project. Anything I need or any problems that happens, I can quickly get in contact with them. Another great point is the people I got to meet, being a Helix Lab Fellow. I have the opportunity to share this experience with a group of fellow students, learn about their projects and help each other in case we have some problem and have a good time when we need some break.

What perspectives do you see for your future after being a Helix Lab Fellow?

After I graduate, I want to work in the industry, and I believe being a Helix Lab fellow can open some doors for me. My efforts to make a good project and help the company to improve their process, is the starting point for me. I believe the networking with specialists and other students will be of great value to make it happen.