Industry 4.0 Automation and robotics lab

In this laboratory, the students can work with automation and robot projects.

Our automation and robotics lab is meant to be utilized by students as a platform for the development and testing of automation projects that can be upscaled and implemented in the modern industry.

Furthermore, the lab can be used to try out new and creative ways of introducing industry 4.0 concepts by modifying the robotic platforms with different sensors, AI algorithms and 3D printed or machined parts from our rapid prototyping lab and workshop facilities.

Mobile robots

For projects requiring complex object manipulation for the sorting, inspection, assembly or machining of parts, the robotics lab is equipped with a series of collaborative robotic manipulators from UR.

The robots can be programmed through the use of a handheld interface that allows the user to create complex instructions with little training. Should the project involve the need for external equipment to interface with the robots, the UR platforms also come with a control box that processes both analog and digital inputs and outputs along with a LAN connection for communication over TCP/IP

Should a project involve the need for the transportation of materials, the lab provides both a MiR and Enabled Robotics mobile platform.

The mobile platforms can be controlled and programmed through a web interface, which can be accessed by connecting a pc, mobile or tablet to the Wi-Fi access point created by the robots. Like the UR robotic manipulators, the mobile platforms can be made to complete complex instructions with little training due to the implementation of block programming and an intuitive interface.

You can find the complete list of equipment in our Automation and robotics lab here


Robot arm