Industry 4.0 Process Laboratory

In this laboratory the students can make advanced fermentation and downstream processing.

Our process laboratory is meant to mimic the bio-industry in Kalundborg. This means that our students can make pilot scale fermentations (e.g. yeast or bacteria) in volumes up to 30 liter, under sterile conditions using a in-situ sterilizable Infors-HT Techfors-S bioreactor. After - or during - fermentation the fermentation broth may be harvested into 60-liter steel tanks with agitation, temperature control and pH monitoring. Other similar tanks with either top or bottom stirrers may be used for downstream processes. The laboratory is newly established and will evolve by time

Process lab

Sterilization of glassware and other equipment is carried out with our autoclave, and sterile work can be carried out in our laminar-air-flow bench.

After fermentation cells can be removed by various methods including membrane filtration, dynamic cross filtration (DCF) and centrifugation, and the students can purify a given product or substance by various filtration steps. We also offer the opportunity to purify substances (e.g. proteins or peptides) by the use of preparative chromatography (ion exchange chromatography, size exclusion chromatography) with both lab-scale and pilot-scale Äkta systems.

We have the possibility to carry out chemical reactions e.g. to make modifications of proteins, or other chemical reactions. This can be done in our 1 liter Mettler Toledo Optimax 1001 or using our Syrris Atlas HD automated and jacketed reactor with either a one or a five liter glass vessel.

Finally, the products can be freeze-dried in our Crist Freeze Dryer.

The process laboratory is supplied with compressed air, purified water, ventilation, and approved as a GMO class 1 laboratory.

Equipment may be controlled and/or monitored from anywhere with the advanced cloud-based connector solution from Inniti.

You can find the complete list of equipment in our process laboratory here


Chemical reaction