Ida Krogh Hjortdal

Helix Lab Fellow, Class of Spring 2023

What was your motivation for becoming a Helix Lab Fellow?

This fellowship was the perfect opportunity for me to have some contact with a company, work with crystallization – which had caught my interest in a previous semester – and apply my knowledge on a real production facility.

What is the most exciting part of being a Helix Lab Fellow?

I find it very valuable to have an international community at the dorm with people who are all in a similar position – doing a master thesis in collaboration with a company.

Also, I have gained some experience on how a big company is functioning, which is completely new to me.

What perspectives do you see for your future after being a Helix Lab Fellow?

I think this Fellowship gives me some opportunities which I would not have if I had stayed at my university. My hope is, that this will be a steppingstone towards getting my first job.