Rapid Prototyping Lab and Workshop facilities

In this laboratory and workshop, the students can create all sorts of prototypes.

Our rapid prototyping lab and workshop facilities provides students with the ability to 3D print parts in various materials like PLA, ABS and PETG along with allowing for parts made in aluminum or acrylic using the available equipment.

Should the need arise for the assembly and testing of electrical or mechanical components, our workshop facilities can provide both the space and tools needed to accomplish the task.

3D printer
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For parts made in plastics, the students can construct a model through the use of 3D modeling software and then utilize the printers to print it in various materials depending on the desired properties of the part.

In our workshop facilities the students can use the available tools to further process the parts constructed in the rapid prototyping lab or add additional accessories.

Furthermore, by using the machines and equipment located in the facility, the students can construct parts made in metal or acrylic to further enhance 3D printed parts or create something new.

You can find the complete list of equipment in our Rapid Prototyping Lab and Workshop facilities here


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